Minister for Finance Local Government and Communities 19.4.02



Sources of Funding

Alison Halford:

Are the Communities First funded initiatives and all structural fund funded initiatives two separate and non-dependent sources of financing? (WAQ17206)

Edwina Hart:

Yes. However, Communities First moneys can be used to match fund structural fund initiatives.

Vandalism in Delyn

Alison Halford:

What action is the Minster taking to combat vandalism in Delyn? (WAQ17207)

Edwina Hart:

A range of measures can be used to combat vandalism in an area. The work of the crime and disorder reduction partnerships, set up under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, in formulating local strategies for the reduction of crime and disorder, is crucial in securing local commitment to effective action on vandalism. The Home Office partnership development fund provided financial support to all Welsh partnerships in 2001-02 to help with their capacity building and with the cost of producing revised strategies by April 2002. Over £34,000 went to the Flintshire partnership.
Closed circuit television can be an effective means of detecting and reducing vandalism, and CCTV coverage for Mold town centre is being funded by a £81,000 Home Office grant. In addition, £86,000 in Welsh Assembly Government funding is supporting the installation of CCTV on one of the most deprived estates in the constituency, in Holywell. A number of small retailers in the Flint Castle ward will be better protected from vandals following a £20,000 Home Office grant for improved security measures and a radio link to the police.
The anti-social behaviour order provision is a powerful tool at the disposal of partnerships working to reduce vandalism, as are acceptable behaviour contracts. It is also open to partnerships to consider introducing neighbourhood wardens who also have a marked effect on levels of vandalism and nuisance.


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