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8 January 2002

Q1 Alison Halford: What discussions has the First Minister had with the Home Secretary over the ‘Policing a New Century’ White Paper? (OAQ14859) I wish everybody a happy New Year.  The First Minister (Rhodri Morgan): I have not discussed ‘Policing a New Century: A Blueprint for Reform’, with the Home Secretary. However, the Home Office consulted Assembly officials on the drafting of the paper, which concentrates on slimming down bureaucracy and reassigning tasks to free-up police officers to do their real and necessary jobs. This follows a recent independent study, ‘Diary of a Police Officer’, which found that officers were spending more time in the station, 43 per cent, than on the streets, 41 per cent.Alison Halford: To speak from experience, things do not change. However, in light of your discussions, what lessons are to be drawn from the events surrounding last week’s football match between Cardiff City and Leeds United, which is a police matter?The First Minister: There are many lessons to be learnt from Sunday’s events. The actions of a mindless few not only ruined a superb sporting victory by the 12 players who represented Cardiff City on that day, but caused lasting damage to Wales’s good image, …..

6 December 2001

Unilever   Q7 Alison Halford: What discussions has the Minister had with Unilever over the high cost of connecting to its main internet node? (OAQ14482) Andrew Davies: As far as I am aware, the Assembly Government has had no direct discussions with Unilever on this matter, either in connection with its offices in London or the European arm of the Unilever Global Infrastructures Organisaton in Ewloe. Regulating the cost of internet connections is a non-devolved matter, and is currently carried out by the Office of Telecommunications. As there has not been much contact with us on this issue, if Alison brings her concerns to the attention of my colleagues and myself, we will consider what representations the Assembly Government might make to the UK Government. Alison Halford: I appreciate that this issue does not come under your direct authority. Do you wish to investigate this matter further, bearing in mind that there is apparent regional discrimination and also the high costs amounting to over £300,000 for Unilever to connect its node? Do you agree that such an ongoing situation will undoubtedly put off major inward investment from companies that use the internet, which are the companies that we need to …..