Delyn Constituency Information

Map of Delyn constituency.Alison served as the Assembly Member for Delyn from the inception of the National Assembly for Wales in 1999 until May 2003.

In the inaugural elections for the Assembly. Delyn presented a unique contest between four women candidates.

Alison Halford was elected to the National Assembly for Delyn and for Labour with the Conservative, Karen Lumley, in second place. On a 44% turnout, 44.7% (10,672) cast their vote for Alison, more than double the votes of her nearest contender. That measure of support for Alison continued throughout her term of office. Not a career politician by choice, Alison had said from the beginning of her term of office that she would not seek re-election and remained true to that position.


The structures and procedures for the Assembly are laid down in the Government of Wales Act 1998 and more detailed processes are set out in the Assembly Standing Orders. For more information, visit the National Assembly Website.


This allows everyone access to a full record of Assembly dealings in plenary and committee sessions including agendas, minutes, associated papers, etc. Members biographies and interests are presented. Questions asked and answers given are recorded.


Alison Halford as Assembly Member for Delyn represented the interests and wishes of the people of Delyn, protecting the interests of her constituents as best she could. Her contributions to Assembly business and debate are fully recorded at the Assembly Website.



Assembly Appointments

Alison was a member of the following committees:


  • Local Government & Housing Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Public Appointments Committee
  • North Wales Regional Committee
  • Equal Opportunities Committee

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