22 March 2001

Q5 Alison Halford:

What progress has been made to give Assembly Members access to the Parliamentary intranet service? (OAQ10462))

The Deputy Presiding Officer:

The National Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly are in discussion with the House of Commons about securing limited access to their intranet. Arrangements are being sought that would allow controlled access to certain services that will be provided by the library.

Alison Halford:

Your own long and distinguished service as a Member of Parliament puts you in a strong position to judge whether the Parliamentary intranet has something to offer the National Assembly. It is suggested that the MPs system gives up to date briefings on major national issues, a greater number of press resources and would enable all Assembly Members to respond to Welsh parliamentary matters in a more timely manner. Will you pursue the need for Assembly Members to have greater access soon to the Parliamentary system?

The Deputy Presiding Officer:

We are trying to do that. However, I urge caution. POLIS is available as a stand-alone system in the library, but any further access via OSIRIS is unlikely. The House of Commons authorities are rightly concerned about security. Opening up the intranet as opposed to POLIS to external access exposes the Westminster parliamentary site to malicious and unauthorised use. Nevertheless, we are in negotiations. I am not hopeful, but we will do our best.

The Presiding Officer:

I will take a point of order from the business manager of the Welsh Conservative group after the following statement.

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