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Delyn Constituency Information

Alison served as the Assembly Member for Delyn from the inception of the National Assembly for Wales in 1999 until May 2003. In the inaugural elections for the Assembly. Delyn presented a unique contest between four women candidates. Alison Halford was elected to the National Assembly for Delyn and for Labour with the Conservative, Karen Lumley, in second place. On a 44% turnout, 44.7% (10,672) cast their vote for Alison, more than double the votes of her nearest contender. That measure of support for Alison continued throughout her term of office. Not a career politician by choice, Alison had said from the beginning of her term of office that she would not seek re-election and remained true to that position.   The structures and procedures for the Assembly are laid down in the Government of Wales Act 1998 and more detailed processes are set out in the Assembly Standing Orders. For more information, visit the National Assembly Website.   This allows everyone access to a full record of Assembly dealings in plenary and committee sessions including agendas, minutes, associated papers, etc. Members biographies and interests are presented. Questions asked and answers given are recorded.   Alison Halford as Assembly Member …..

22 March 2001

Q1 Alison Halford: Will the Minister for Health and Social Services make a statement about the provision of aftercare for children who are in the care of local authorities in north Wales? (OAQ10456)The Minister for Health and Social Services (Jane Hutt): The Waterhouse report identified serious deficiencies in the arrangements for young people leaving care in north Wales. The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 tackles these failings. New duties on all local authorities in respect of the care and support of 16 and 17-year-olds who are looked after, and of care leavers, will come into force on 1 October this year. The National Assembly will make regulations and issue guidance in July. Additional resources will be made available to local authorities through the Children First programme to support the new arrangements. Alison Halford: That is most helpful. Paragraph 19 of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee’s report on social exclusion mentions the need for mentoring schemes to be undertaken by local authorities. Do you have any plans to encourage local authorities to implement the mentoring schemes as discussed in the report? Jane Hutt: That was a useful part of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee’s report. The Waterhouse report identified serious failings …..

20 March 2001

Q3 Alison Halford: Will the First Minister make a statement on his visit to Mostyn docks on 9 March? (OAQ10407)The First Minister: It was an instructive visit for several reasons. From September this year, P&O Ferries will install its fifth ferry port connection between Wales and Ireland, which is mostly for freight, but which has some provision for passenger and car transport. Mostyn Docks Limited is currently in negotiation with British Aerospace to be the transhipment point for the A380 wings. Transporting those enormous wings from a factory in Broughton to the final assembly point in Toulouse—without dropping and damaging them because they are incredibly valuable—will be one of the great logistical feats of twenty-first century European industrial history. We think that they will be transported by barge from Connah’s Quay to Mostyn, transhipped from there to Bordeaux docks and then transported onwards through France. The rail freight terminal at Mostyn has the potential to be the north Wales equivalent of the Euro-freight terminal at Wentloog, which is half way between Cardiff and Newport. Alison Halford: I do not wish to strike a discordant note, but are you aware that North Wales Police is insisting on a full-scale, highly-equipped anti-terrorist …..