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15 March 2001

Q1 Alison Halford: Does the Minister intend to review the Assembly’s approach to risk management strategies to take on board the recommendations in the recent National Audit Office report on the Cardiff Bay Barrage? (OAQ10313)The Minister for Finance, Local Government and Communities (Edwina Hart): The Cabinet has carefully considered the Audit Committee’s report on the Cardiff Bay Barrage, which was published on 15 February 2001, and, under Standing Order No. 12, has responded to the Committee today. The Cabinet response will be available on the intranet and it will be for the Audit Committee to consider the full response. On the general issue of risk management, following the issue of the Turnbull report, the Parliament in England and the devolved administrations are committed to the development of risk management strategies by 31 March 2003 at the latest. Alison Halford: As the report indicates, the present in-house system of financing such large-scale projects as the Wales Millennium Centre does not give us sufficient guarantee of staying within budget and on time. Will you urgently consider an alternative, such as employing expert private firms with proven track records, to save millions of taxpayers’ money? Edwina Hart: I will answer your question in …..