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Leeks from the Back Benches

A near casualty who came back to fight another day was John Marek, the former MP who snatched the plum job of Deputy Presiding Officer from the Labour choice of candidate; Rosemary Butler. He won the post by a single vote and for his pains, became the victim of his party who turned against him, preferring his former secretary to stand in his Wrexham constituncy. She lost. John won. A solid victory for justice.[download#2] This book also gives a clear insight into how a Police Authority operates and how that body charged with the task of ensuring that North Wales Police force was both effective and efficient, saw off its own Head of Legal Services in a shocking manner. She was suspended for almost two years and her Police Authority was obliged to settle with her in August 2002. It all started in early 1999, when she had been sent a damning memo by a very senior officer, which took most of her job away from her. Her sin? She sent the Police Authority an important report, failing to realise that the usual chief officers’ ‘red pen treatment’ had not been applied to a report on how civil actions against …..