Bilingual Signage (Written)

Alison Halford:

What action is the Minister taking to ensure that all road and public signs in Wales are written in both English and Welsh? (WAQ17558)

Sue Essex:

The vast majority of road and public signs for which the Welsh Assembly Government is responsible are already bilingual. Existing English-only signs are made bilingual when they are replaced. The only exceptions to this are cases where road safety or technical considerations make it impossible to have fully bilingual signage. Our policy with regard to signs is confirmed in the Welsh language scheme currently operated by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Road and public signs which are the responsibility of other organisations are a matter for the organisations concerned and their own Welsh language schemes. We encourage bilingual signs through the offices of the Welsh Language Board. It is the responsibility of the Welsh Language Board to ensure that those Welsh language schemes meet the requirements of the Welsh Language Act 1993.

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