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Overnight Cities and Paddick’s Pillory : March 2002.

TOWNS BECOME CITIES OVERNIGHT. Wales has a new city. Hooray! It joins all the others that are to be found in er!.. guess where; South Wales. I should have forecast that Newport would win. Sadly, awarding the South is becoming a habit. Rude people tell me that the South Wales Maffia rules O.K. Wrexham?s bid was submitted early and the Town rulers had every confidence of putting forward the best case and grasp the shining prize of becoming a city, particularly to celebrate the Queen?s Golden Jubilee. Moving from a run of the mill, bog standard town and burgeoning into a city is good for business, esteem, commerce and all sorts of invisible goodies that being a ?City? attracts. Her Majesty seals the City Goody bag lottery but who advises her? Stand up our Secretary of State for Wales. I guess the Welsh Office would have made the final recommendation to No. 10 based on the views of the All South Wales Cabinet maybe. Who knows and will we ever know? There is no appeal and I doubt that the evidence on which Paul Murphy may have made his possible recommendation, will ever see the light of day. I?m sure that Newport deserves the City status and good luck to them but …..