Improving broadband uptake in Delyn (Written)

Alison Halford:

What action is the Minister taking to improve broadband uptake in Delyn. (OAQ22236)

Andrew Davies:

A range of actions have been taken forward through the implementation of the all Wales Broadband Wales Programme that are impacting directly upon Delyn. These include: –

The Satellite Subsidy – providing assistance to SMEs in areas where affordable access to terrestrial broadband is currently unavailable.

Try Before You Buy showcasing facilities located at ICT Support Centres.

Schools, libraries, ICT learning centres and GP practices benefiting from our investment in establishing the Wales Lifelong Learning and Dawn 2 core networks.

Ongoing discussions with the North Wales Economic Forum to secure the placement of a Broadband Wales representative in North Wales.

Many other activities are also underway. A paper detailing these activities and what is planned was presented to EDC on 30 January and I would urge members to look at this for further detail of what is being delivered.

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