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6 February 2001

Alison Halford (Delyn): In his role as policy co-ordinator for Wales, what steps is he taking to encourage greater community involvement and consultation in government inward investment programmes. (OAQ 9345) The First Minister: It is easier to do that in inward investment programmes. As a result of the commercially confidential nature of negotiations that might occur with companies, it is not always possible to involve the community before companies commit inward investment to Wales. I am pleased that we have had a great deal of such investment in north-east Wales, such as the announcement of additional jobs in the Toyota engine plant in order to increase production. Other investments include Paramount Foods, Dailyce Chestergate, Mainetti UK Limited, Deeside Industrial Park and General Domestic Appliances Limited near Alison’s constituency. However, there has not been a great deal of community involvement because of the commercial confidentiality of the investment. Alison Halford: Will the First Minister join me in welcoming the recent announcement by Ford and Vauxhall’s proposals for Ellesmere Port? It illustrates what can be gained through inclusiveness and community consultation. Is it not regrettable that such practices were not followed by Corus in Shotton? The First Minister: I agree. Let us …..